Ice Coffee Packaging Design

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AMBALAJCA - Just Coffee

Ice Coffee is a highly acclaimed drink by young people.
We have prepared new products with flavors and flavors.
The product design project had already started. The Mocha design was prepared, but it was quite critical.

Brand contracted with me and asked me to reconsider the project.
I redesigned the product. In the design project, we developed 2 more products with Mocha.
Cold coffee series was completed with the production of the Vanilla, Original series.

Special color codes, clean design is easily selected. 
Product-specific color codes do not pose an identity problem to the consumer.

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Design Agency : AMBALAJCA
Article Title: Ice Coffee Packaging Design
Brand / Project Name: Just Coffee / Ice Coffee
Design Credits: Packaging Designer: Ceyhun Akgun 
Brand: Meridyen Gıda
Production Credits : Crown Turkey. Aluminyum / Dry Offset / Can Beverage
Project Type: Corporate Brand Redesign
Design Deliverables: Corporate Graphic Design
Location: Turkey
Market Country: Multiple Countries
Market Region: Middle East
Project Type: Agency Commercial, Published
Project Category: Beverages
Consumer Packaging Format: Can
Consumer Substrate / Material: Metal