3D CGI Packaging Design Concept with Touch Classical and a Twist of Middle Eastern

John Harwood 3D CGI - Exotique Range

"Perfume bottle design from scratch.
An intentionally classic design, with a 'twist' of Middle Eastern' influence in the cap design.
Starting with an original rough sketch, a 3D model is created in Maya and VRay software. Materials, graphics (where applicable) and lighting is assigned and test renders are produced showing the concept formed as a 3D object in various orientations.3D models are printed in order to check 'tactile', ergonomic and manufacturing integrity. Further design 'tweaks' and material options are experimented with, and then edited down until a small, relatively diverse but cohesive range is chosen. High Res renders and/or animations are produced. In the case of animations, 200 to 800 frame loops are set up, rendered and composited in After Effects.MP4 videos are produced for efficient streaming over the internet."

John Harwood 3D CGI - Exotique Range2.png

Design Agency: John Harwood 3D CGI
Brand / Project Name: Exotique Range
Location: Global
Market Country: Multiple Countries
Market Region: Global
Project Type: Freelance Promotional / Self Published
Project Category: Health and Beauty
Packaging Format: Bottle
Substrate / Material: Glass, Metal