An Explorative Mixture of Cultures, Traditions and Rituals Through a Series of Utilitarian Artefacts

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" The objective of this project was the design and realization of a product, which the mixture of cultures, traditions and rituals is promoted through a series of utilitarian objects.
In this series of design products we made an approach to the tea ceremony drawn from Japanese culture. (It is a form / ritual to prepare your tea or matcha influenced by Zen Buddhism, using a small group of guests in a quiet environment).
We made a mixture extracting some elements of Japanese culture to conjugate with a Mexican pre-Hispanic tradition that has marked the gastronomic culture in our country with a drink made from cocoa, chocolate.
The project aims to be a pedagogical entity for the knowledge of other cultures through basic objects with local Mesón 01
Not everyday objects, for a future that has already happened"

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HI! ESTUDIO - El Meson 0121.jpg

Design Agency: HI! ESTUDIO
Brand / Project Name: EL MESON 01
Location: Mexico
Market Country: Multiple Countries
Market Region: Global
Project Type: Agency Promotional / Self Published
Project Category: Household
Packaging Format: Case
Substrate / Material: Pulp Carton