Promoting Optimal Health, Organic Food and Healthy Lifestyle Among Population

BRID - V13 - 13 Vitamins

"Mission : The mission of the project was to raise awareness about existing 13 vitamins, emphasize their role and importance for optimal health and promote organic food and healthy lifestyle among population.

Concept : We searched for the detailed information about benefits and functions of all vitamins necessary for a human body. As a result the role of each vitamin was determined. Finally, we created the visual icons of the vitamins relevant to their function and tried to make them clear and memorable for the customers. Finally we received the whole poster consisting of visual images of all 13 vitamins - V 13."

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Design Agency: BRID
Brand / Project Name: V13 - 13 Vitamins
Location: Georgia
Market Country: Georgia
Market Region: Europe
Project Type: Agency Commercial / Published
Project Category: Fresh Food
Packaging Format: Bag, Bottle, Bowl, Can, Cup, Jar, Tin
Substrate / Material: Ceramic, Glass, Fabric, Metal, Plastic, Pulp Paper