Tissues Box Packaging Design Concept

Team Editorial - Ductile Tissues4.png

Team Editorial - Ductile Tissues (Concept)

"DUCTILE: Ductile is the new concept we have designed for the brand of tissues by AHI Packages, Pakistan. 
Overall design will focus on royalty and elegance.

Logotype Inspiration and Development: As the briefing mentions, AHI’s goal is to create a quality product that should stand out in the market for its unique and royal design along its quality as well.

The word “Ductile” means “able to be drawn out into a thin wire” or “able to be deformed without losing toughness; pliable, not brittle.”

While using “Ductile”, our idea was to use the power of both; symbolism and sounds. Its meaning fits with the use of tissue and the softness and delicacy it has, while its pronunciation acts as a metaphor for people experience with the product."

Team Editorial - Ductile Tissues3.png

Design Agency: Team Editorial
Brand / Project Name: Ductile Tissues
Location: Pakistan
Market Country: Pakistan
Market Region: Asia
Project Type: Freelance Concept / Non Published
Project Category: Household
Packaging Format: Box
Substrate / Material: Pulp Paper