Cosmetics Brand and Packaging Design that Represents the Historical Moment Where Medical Science and Tradition Cosmetology Merged

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 Monotypo Studio - Ellenya

"Beauty has been a preponderant factor in Western civilization, we believed that it was in Egypt and Ancient Greece when cosmetology began, knowledge that the Greeks acquired from the Egyptians. This is also reflected in sculpture and art. We use a classic, sophisticated, avant-garde and clean brand taking as inspiration this historical epoch, creating an icon in the shape of a stamp and a pattern of flowers and plants, mainly the orchid, a plant linked to beauty and purity, using it as a decoration for the stationery and labels, alluding to botany and pharmacology, the historical moment where medical science and tradition merged. Graphite illustrations are made to show the areas where botox will be applied on the face, for male and female patients."

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Design Agency:  Monotypo Studio
Project name: Ellenya
Category: Cosmetics