Mack Beer a Norwegian Microbrewery Commissions Rustic and Honest Label Design

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Tank Tromsø - Mack Beer

"The interest in beer has increased dramatically in Norway in recent years, and especially for microbrews. Mack has run small-scale production of flavor beer in its own micro-building, and in 2015 they launched a new product range based on this production. This is a special brew with carefully selected ingredients, and high focus on cultivating distinctive flavor. The task was to create an identity and a clear series of marks that appear in the store shelves.

We chose early in the process to engage in close dialogue with the brewer, and the solution became a rustic, honest and unobtrusive paper label with content focus and quality assurance from the brewer's master himself. The solution reflects good traditions and pride around the brewing process. Simple color coding and clear typographic solutions distinguish the different types from each other, making the range very accessible to the consumer."

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Design Agency: Tank Tromsø
Brand / Project Name: Mack Beer
Location: Norway
Market Country: Norway
Market Region: Europe
Project Type: Agency Commercial / Published
Project Category: Beer and Cider
Packaging Format: Bottle, Can
Substrate / Material: Glass, Metal