Packaging Design Supernosh Quinoa Brand from India

Packaging Design Supernosh Quinoa Brand from India / World Brand & Packaging Design Society

Brand Quotient - Supernosh Company

"Dwelling in the surreal Andes Mountains of South America for thousands of years, Quinoa is not just an ancient but also a miraculous superfood in every sense. Rescuing us from nutritional deficiencies & illness, the superfood Quinoa is definitely a health super hero. Now this superhero is born in India.
With this line, The Supernosh Company exceeded the normal bounds of wholesome flavorful food production and challenged Brand Quotient to create packaging that has a savory, tasty appeal, visually communicates the natural, nourishing qualities of the products and stimulates the consumer.
This packaging tells a wonderful story of the combination of freshness and naturalness, health and taste, and convenience and quality. And does it in a way that also delivers great stand out in a category obsessed with low calorie offerings and convenience at the expense of health and taste."

Design Agency: Brand Quotient
Brand / Project Name: Supernosh Company
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Design Deliverables: Consumer Branding, Consumer Brand Experience, Consumer Brand Creation, Consumer Visual Brand Identity, Consumer Graphic Packaging Design, Consumer Structural Packaging Design
Location: India
Market Country: India
Market Region: Asia
Project Type: Agency Commercial / Published
Project Category: Fresh Food
Packaging Format: Pouch
Substrate / Material: Pulp Paper