Brand Creation for 60 Casks Yearly Spring Limited Edition 2018

Hugo zapata - tio pepe

"González Byass presents Tío Pepe en Rama 2018, a sherry gem of limited production that comes, like every year, in spring, the season in which the flor veil of yeast is more active and floods the cellar with life. And it is also in spring when Antonio Flores, top winemaker and master blender at González Byass, breaks the stillness of the cask with his venencia to uncover a sherry that, year after year, surprises the whole world.

Chalk, the cellar and long hours of pondering have resulted in the uncovering of 60 casks in which time seems to have stopped: from them emerges Tío Pepe en Rama. The centennial La Constancia wineries have guarded, perfectly, these Tío Pepe barrels, protecting them from the intense eastward wind of the now distant summer. The cold winter has made the veil of the flor wrap the sherry more warmly than ever; now spring offers a flagrant, intense, bright, saline, clean Tío Pepe en Rama.

Tío Pepe en Rama 2018 has a pale-yellow colour with olive-green and gold reflections. The nose is aromatic and very elegant, with a distinctive touch of the ‘flor’ yeast. It displays a singular aroma of almond, typical of the variety Palomino Fino. Fresh, complex and expressive, but –above all– alive and wild. It is the perfect pairing for fish, seafood, cheese, white meats and, of course, tapas.

Design Agency: hugo zapata
Article Title: Brand Creation for 60 Casks Yearly Spring Limited Edition 2018
Brand / Project Name: gonzalez byass / tio pepe
Design Credits: hugo zapata
Production Credits: printer etiquetas macho
Project Type: Corporate Brand Creation, Corporate Brand Redesign, Corporate Brand Rejuvenation, Consumer Brand Rejuvenation
Strategic Deliverables: Corporate Brand World
Design Deliverables: Corporate Brand Identity, Corporate Graphic Design, Corporate Advertising, Consumer Structural Packaging Design
Location: Spain
Market Country: Spain
Market Region: Global
Project Type: Agency Concept / Non Published
Project Category: Wine
Consumer Packaging Format: Bottle
Consumer Substrate / Material: Glass