Branding and Packaging Design for a Coming Beer Brand

Branding and Packaging Design for a Coming Beer Brand / World Brand Design Society

Marcela Mikulkova - Unfiltered Lager Beer Can

Saint Mountain project was created as a collaboration with a friend of mine who runs a small beer brand in Berlin. He wanted me to create an unique modern looking can design which would approach also people, they usually don't drink beer. So I came up with a visual language which is quite delicate in the color coding but still keeping a roughness and authenticity of beer culture. At the moment the project is on hold for money reason. 
I consider the new print can technology, which allows to print a photos on aluminium in a good quality.

Design Agency Name: Marcela Mikulkova
Article Title: Branding and Packaging Design for a Coming Beer Brand
Brand / Project Name: Unfiltered Lager Beer Can
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Product Naming, Consumer Tone of Voice
Design Deliverables: Consumer Branding, Consumer Graphic Packaging Design
Location: Germany
Market Country: Germany
Market Region: Europe
Project Type: Freelance Promotional, Self Published
Project Category: Beer and Cider
Consumer Packaging Format: Can
Consumer Substrate / Material: Metal