Nashua Brand Identity Refresh

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Studio Beatnik - Nashua

Nashua, founded in 1973, has more than 140 employees and over 60 offices nationwide. Commonly thought of as the ‘printers and copiers guys’, Nashua needed to reposition themselves in the market as a total workspace provider.

Unagency, Nashua’s branding agency, approached us to create a brand identity refresh that spoke to their new positioning; ‘More Than’. 

It was important that we kept the Nashua logo, payoff line and colours as these hold equity for the brand, only tweaking the colours slightly to give the brand a fresh look, adding a soft blue to contrast the much darker blue and adding a secondary, bright, colour palette used only for the marketing of their products and services.

The ‘Surge’, inspired by the logo icon, acts as a dynamic device that ‘vibrates’ and brings ‘More Than’ to life.

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Design Agency Name: Studio Beatnik
Article Title: Nashua Brand Identity Refresh
Brand / Project Name: Nashua
Production Credits : Work commissioned by agency Unagency. All strategy created by Unagency.
Project Type: Corporate Brand Rejuvenation
Strategic Deliverables: Corporate Brand Strategy, Corporate Tone of Voice, Consumer Brand Strategy, Consumer Tone of Voice
Design Deliverables: Corporate Brand Identity, Corporate Rebranding, Corporate Graphic Design, Corporate Retail Design, Corporate Brand Guidelines, Consumer Branding, Consumer Rebranding, Consumer Brand Experience, Consumer Advertising
Location: South Africa
Market Country: South Africa
Market Region: Africa
Project Type: Freelance Commercial, Published
Project Category: Technology/Software