Rebranding Onda Brand identity and Packaging


Bedrock Asia - Rebranding Onda Indonesia

To help Onda Mega Industries with its rebranding project, the company appointed bedrock asia, a brand consulting firm to transform its brand . During the process, bedrock asia was tasked with undertaking extensive internal and external brand analysis and brand strategy formulation to help Onda better understand its vision, core values, promise, strengths and weaknesses, brand proposition, customer segmentations strategy, developing product naming portfolio, developing the marketing model, and redesigning Onda brand identity and aligning its retail and packaging.

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Design Agency Name: Bedrock Asia
Article Title: Rebranding Onda Brand identity and Packaging
Brand / Project Name: Rebranding Onda Indonesia
External Design Credits : Client: PT. Onda Mega Industries @onda.indonesia
Brand Consulting Firm: bedrock asia @bedrockasia
Strategy : Kwan Harsono @brandingconsultant
Chief Brand Consultant: Kwan Harsono @brandingconsultant
Brand & Design Consultant: Theo Manthovani
Photogrpahy: bedrock asia @bedrockasia
Project Type: Corporate Brand Rejuvenation, Consumer Brand Rejuvenation
Strategic Deliverables: Corporate Brand Strategy, Corporate Brand Naming, Corporate Service Naming, Corporate Tone of Voice, Corporate Service Brand Architecture, Consumer Research / Insight, Consumer
Brand Strategy, Consumer Brand Naming, Consumer Product Naming, Consumer Tone of Voice, Consumer Product Brand Architecture
Design Deliverables: Corporate Brand Identity, Corporate Branding, Consumer Brand Identity, Consumer Rebranding, Consumer Graphic Packaging Design
Location: Indonesia
Market Country: Indonesia
Market Region: Asia
Project Type: Agency Commercial, Published
Project Category: Household
Consumer Packaging Format: Blister-Pack, Box
Consumer Substrate / Material: Metal, Plastic, Pulp Board, Pulp Carton