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Cornershop - Hawksdrift

Hawksdrift are boutique producers of premium, hand crafted wines from Marlborough, New Zealand. The hawk effortlessly glides above Hawksdrift’s vineyards and inspires the grape grower as he tends to the vines in solitude. Whilst briefing us, David Tyney, Winemaker, identified that their 
wines were being praised by distributors, but they were reluctant to stock them because their original packaging was ineffective. Our goal was to add value by repositioning the brand; to appeal to a sophisticated, young professional consumer, increase distribution and sell at A$36.99 rrp.

After carrying out research, we discovered that there are many ‘hawk’ and ‘eagle’ brands and labels in NZ, Australia and other parts of the globe. 
To tell Hawksdrift’s unique story and stand out from the crowd, we developed a contemporary solution inspired by the hawks unique characteristic; its striped markings and feathers. The parallel pattern also subtly references rows of vines from a bird’s-eye view. This pattern is finished in a Gun Metal foil on uncoated, textured label paper. Cigar bands printed in a metallic ink and finished with a tinted spot gloss varnish add to the premium statement. This attention to detail not only reflects the quality of the wine, but is a testament to the grape growers/winemakers craft.

Hawksdrift Branding and Packaging / World Brand Design Society
Hawksdrift Branding and Packaging / World Brand Design Society
Hawksdrift Branding and Packaging / World Brand Design Society

Design Agency Name: Cornershop
Article Title: Hawksdrift Branding and Packaging
Brand / Project Name: Hawksdrift
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Brand Strategy
Design Deliverables: Consumer Branding, Consumer Graphic Packaging Design
Location: New Zealand
Market Country: Multiple Countries
Market Region: Oceania
Project Type: Agency Commercial, Published
Project Category: Wine
Consumer Packaging Format: Bottle
Consumer Substrate / Material: Pulp Paper