Visual Identity for Small Polish Company "Dietospektrum"

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 Aga Gorecka - Dietospektrum

Change your diet, change yourself! Diet is not a resignation it is a substitution.
Change hamburger to healthy burger! 

Those are the main slogans of Dietospektrum – mobile dietary office that adapts to clinets‘ life rythm and offers home consulting. That is a comfortable and easy way to change your eating habits.
Those slogans and main Dietospektrum’s message was a basis for vizual identification based on continuous improvement.
In result the logotype and other graphic elements have different colors. They are being changed accordingly to the format they are used for.
The possibility of colors changing is a flexibility and endless project’s liveliness that never gets bored. Assembling blocks repeatedly in different configurations makes our plate looking different and more fresh every time.
Colors used in the project refer to fruit and vegetables that shall be a main ingredient in every well-balanced diet.

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Design Agency Name: Aga Gorecka
Organisation/Project Type: Freelance, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: Visual Identity for Small Polish Company "Dietospektrum"
Brand / Project Name: Dietospektrum Visual Identity
External Design Credits: photography: Łukasz Urbańczyk  ; set design: ; food stylist: Anna Bobrowska 
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Brand Strategy
Design Deliverables: Consumer Brand Creation, Consumer Brand Identity, Consumer Brand Advertising
Location: Poland
Market Country: Poland
Market Region: Europe
Project Category: Health and Beauty