Brand for Washing Clothes

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cherkasov Design - Love&wash (Student Concept)

Love&wash is a brand for washing clothes

The brand line includes the most necessary things: washing powders, washing gel, capsules and stain remover.
Most producers of laundry detergents depict the «formula of purity» on their packages. But there is no warmth and soulfulness in this design. The type of washing and purpose for the type of fabric is not listed on some products. My concept focuses on the emotional component — the expression of love and care. The main idea is a metaphor — animate things. They are clean and happy because they are worn by people who love each other and take care of their clothes. This design concept is aimed at young families — manifestations of tender feelings are especially close to them.

The name of the brand Love&wash means that washing can bring joy. The letters in the logo repeat the basic idea and are «pressed» to each other. The clothes on the packages correspond to the type of fabric: for example, an orange T-shirt and a denim shirt hug each other on the label of the washing powder for colored clothes. Background color enhances differentiation.

Typography complements the modern image of the brand, and the blue color of the text symbolizes freshness and purity. Laconic forms of packages are combined with the concept of labels. This design will be advantageous differed from other competitors on store shelves. Love&wash laundry detergent is everything a young family needs for complete happiness.

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Design Agency Name: cherkasov Design
Organisation/Project Type: Student, Non Published Concept Design
Article Title: Brand for Washing Clothes
Brand / Project Name: Love&wash
External Design Credits: Pavel Gubin — 3D visualisation
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Research / Insight, Consumer Brand Strategy
Design Deliverables: Consumer Branding, Consumer Brand Creation, Consumer Graphic Packaging Design, Consumer Industrial Brand Design
Location: Russia
Market Country: Multiple Countries
Market Region: Global
Project Category: Household
Consumer Packaging Format: Bottle, Box, Tray
Consumer Substrate / Material: Plastic, Pulp Carton