Honey Packaging

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Taha Fakouri - Honey Packaging

When we carefully look at honey packaging, they are basically all in almost the usual form, and the ultimate creativity is that a good label is designed for the honey dish.
In this form, I tried to go far beyond the usual templates and make to a special form, which, with the simple writing on the package, would have a special visual look into the honey package,
i Hope friends and professional designers like it.

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Design Agency Name: Taha Fakouri
Organisation/Project Type: Freelance, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: Honey Packaging
Brand / Project Name: Honey Packaging
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Brand World
Design Deliverables: Consumer Graphic Packaging Design, Consumer Structural Packaging Design
Location: Iran
Market Country: Iran
Market Region: Global
Project Category: Cupboard Food
Consumer Packaging Format: Bag, Box, Jar
Consumer Substrate / Material: Glass, Plastic, Pulp Paper