Rebranding for RASCOM Telecommunication Company

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ASGARD Branding - RASCOM Telecommunication

ASGARD presents the rebranding of RASCOM Telecommunication Company existing since 1993.
Transformation into a supplier of high-tech integrated solutions, expanding the range of products offered and entering the international level led the company's management to understand the need to change the visual concept. The reason for the rebranding was the fact that the existing corporate identity hasn't changed since its inception and wasn't able to faithfully transmit corporate values and the changed positioning of the client.

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Design Agency Name: ASGARD Branding
Organisation/Project Type: Agency, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: Rebranding for RASCOM Telecommunication Company
Brand / Project Name: RASCOM Telecommunication Company
Project Type: Corporate Brand Redesign
Strategic Deliverables: Corporate Brand Strategy
Design Deliverables: Corporate Rebranding
Service Brand Deliverables: Digital Animation, Print Manual, Print Stationery, Signage Interior, Transportation
Location: Russia
Market Country: Russia
Market Region: Europe
Industry Category: Technology, Telecoms