A Packaging Made With A Land That Breathes Peace

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Geometry Global Colombia - Bricks For Peace

Montes de María was one of the most affected areas by the war in Colombia however today breathes peace. A vast agricultural and culinary treasure hides among its trees of the tropical dry forest. Six unique bean varieties in the world.

To protect these special beans, respect their origin and respect the planet. We created a ephemeral packaging that was made with the same soil that saw them born.
In this way, the land would not only act as a natural preservative that would keep the organoleptic properties of the beans intact but also turn its opening into a sensory experience where the user could appreciate the essence of the place where they grow.

The bricks are responsible for establishing the foundations of homes. That's why we use its form to create each package and with it, give the message that these beans are a fundamental pillar for the progress of the population and especially the construction of peace.
Each mud brick contains 250 g of beans and to be able to enjoy them; it is necessary to break it. In this way, the experience for people would begin long before they were tested, since their hands would be filled with soil, just like the farmers who grow them every day.

Lastly, we were inspired by nature and its cyclical processes to create eco-friendly packaging. In this way when people destroyed the brick they would have compost to fertilise their plants.
As for the illustration, we wanted to reflect the spirit of the place and the people who go out to the mountains every day to cultivate. A story of tenacity and hope that is completed by joining the six bricks.

Through local techniques and respecting the handicraft process, we developed in a first launch more than 1000 units, each one different from the previous one.

The challenge was to find the right way to be strong enough and easy to break at the same time. And since we could not use techniques where we expose the beans to high temperatures, we used the weather to dry the bricks with the sunlight and thus gain consistency.

All the materials we use are 100% organic, 100% free of plastics and chemicals. Even for the illustration we use natural ink, such as soy.

Together with the UNDP and its program of economic and environmental development in post-conflict zones, we have achieved that hundreds of chefs have in their hands a product that both outside and inside is unique in the world.

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Design Agency Name: Geometry Global Colombia
Organisation/Project Type: Agency, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: A Packaging Made With A Land That Breathes Peace
Brand / Project Name: Bricks For Peace
External Design Credits: Juan Pablo Rodriguez, Photographer, La Octava.
Production Credits : http://www.co.undp.org/
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Research / Insight, Consumer Brand Strategy
Design Deliverables: Consumer Brand Creation, Consumer Graphic Packaging Design, Consumer Structural Packaging Design
Location: Colombia
Market Country: Colombia
Market Region: Amercia
Project Category: Promotional
Consumer Packaging Format: Box
Consumer Substrate / Material: Ceramic, Wood