Chinese Lunar Year Red Packets Design

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Studio Bien Bien - Abundance of Good Fortune

Giving away red packets is an essential Chinese New Year tradition. Our concept for the year of the pig was inspired by the simple excitement of getting your wallet ‘well-fed’ during the festive celebration. According to Chinese zodiac, those born in the year of the pig are known to be compassionate, generous, and diligent. The characteristics of pigs, specifically their chubby cheeks, are also a symbol of wealth. 

We embody this element with a contemporary spin on the Chinese clasp purse. A round and hefty contour of the purse subtly complements the Year of the Pig theme. 

The design honors tradition with a playful use of bold colors and rounded graphics, each design is a graphic metaphor of New Year greeting message of good fortune and prosperity. The design (total of 5 styles) comes in two sizes. All the red packets are embossed and foiled for an embroidered texture, with a special embossed opening mimicking the clasp of a coin purse. 

The collection celebrates the festive season by blessing family and friends a bellyful of happiness in the year ahead.

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Design Agency Name: Studio Bien Bien
Organisation/Project Type: Agency, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: Chinese Lunar Year Red Packets Design
Brand / Project Name: Abundance of Good Fortune
External Design Credits: Partnership Project with Communion W
The project is a collaboration between Studio Bien Bien and Communion W for Harbour City Hong Kong.
Design Partners: Studio Bien Bien & Communion W
Creative Direction: Studio Bien Bien 
Production: Communion W
Designer: Gertrude Wong
Client: Harbour City
Printing: J&S Printing
Project Type: Corporate Brand Creation, Corporate Brand Rejuvenation
Strategic Deliverables: Corporate Brand World
Design Deliverables: Corporate Graphic Design, Corporate Retail Brand Design
Service Brand Deliverables: Packaging Promotion, Packaging Service, Print Promotion, Print Stationery
Location: Hong Kong
Market Country: Hong Kong
Market Region: Asia
Industry Category: Retail