El Profeta

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Emma Emens - El Profeta

The Prophet was born from the ancient astrologers, which were fundamental for society, because thanks to them they could know what the position of the moon or lunar cycles was like. That is why this prophet, helped to create this Malbec, thanks to his wisdom on the position of the stars, in which there is also a hidden history, which will not be told because it has the true secret of the flavor of this wine.

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Design Agency Name: Emma Emens
Organisation/Project Type: Agency, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: El Profeta
Brand / Project Name: El Profeta
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Product Naming
Design Deliverables: Consumer Graphic Packaging Design
Location: Argentina
Market Country: Argentina
Market Region: Global
Project Category: Wine
Consumer Packaging Format: Bottle
Consumer Substrate / Material: Pulp Paper