Carling Announces New Easy Carry Glassware To Ease On-Trade Queuing

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BrandOpus - Carling Glass

Global branding and structure experts, BrandOpus, are continuing their ongoing partnership with Carling, Britain’s #1 beer, serving up a glassware gamechanger to an age-old problem with the launch of its new, iconic, easy-carry pint glasses. 

The glasses are designed to help pub goers carry up to four pints back from the bar when enjoying a pint with friends. The BrandOpus structural team were commissioned to develop an innovative on-trade piece of glassware combining clever thinking and style: Carling’s new glass sets the bar high. Launching in pubs nationwide, the new glass is ergonomically designed: it interlocks with other Carling glasses. Iconic and impactful, it makes life that little bit simpler.

The new design incorporates vertical grooves, helping the glasses interlock together, whilst embossed lettering creates a tactile grip. The glasses are wider at the top and thinner towards the middle creating a natural gap and allowing hands to easily wrap around. What’s more, the nucleated bottom keeps pints fresher for longer. This bespoke glass created by BrandOpus has gone through rigorous in-house prototyping, resulting in a glass that not only fits in with the brand’s look and feel but brings a tangible benefit to Carling drinkers. 

Miranda Osborne, Brand Director at Carling says of the new glasses ‘’Our aim was to create the perfect glass for the perfect pint, whilst responding to the needs of our customers. We know our customers can feel uncomfortable leaving drinks on the bar because they can’t carry them all, so we wanted to design something that could help alleviate this problem. This is why we created our new easy carry glasses. We hope people find getting pints in for friends, a far more comfortable experience now.”

Paul Taylor, Chief Creative Officer at BrandOpus says, "It’s your turn at the bar, the pints have been poured and you’re trying to grab your mate’s attention through the crowded bar to come and give you a hand. We’ve all been there. The new Carling pint glass doesn’t just look good but is specifically designed to resolve the frustration of getting the drinks in for your mates.”

Alice Waters, Head of the structure department at BrandOpus says, “The brief from Carling gave us the opportunity to create an innovative new design that combines functional feasibility with consumer relevance, creating a glass that is not only structurally sound and impactful, but encourages the shared experiences that are synonymous with Carling as a brand.”

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Article Title: Carling Announces New Easy Carry Glassware To Ease On-Trade Queuing
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