Personal Branding for Multi-champion Racing Driver

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Studio VRLN - Yaris Stern

Yarin Stern is a 24 years old racing driver born in Israel. In 2018 he was the champion of G1 Series, he is the winner of 5 Israel National karting championships and he is Ex European F3 driver. 

The first and most important step in creating this visual identity was to create a brief that can be easily understood and also fun to read for a driver. To help him get closer to a new visual identity idea, I translated his driving techniques into a visual language and made a list with main messages that should be conveyed by the visual identity. Keywords like: Adaptability, Strength & Stability, Reaction, Focus, Recovery, Fearless, Confident, Observant... helped us to have a common ground in our conversation. The Visual Identity is focusing the driver’s name, his origin, and his driving techniques

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Design Agency Name: Studio VRLN
Organisation/Project Type: Agency, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: Personal Branding for Multi-champion Racing Driver
Brand / Project Name: Yaris Stern - Visual Identity
Project Type: Corporate Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Corporate Brand World
Design Deliverables: Corporate Branding, Corporate Brand Creation, Corporate Brand Identity, Corporate Brand Identity System, Corporate Graphic Design
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