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Hired Guns Creative - GAMER

For New Era Brewing, a Calgary-based brewery, we needed an identity that would appeal to gamer culture, the core of their GAMER brand.

The inaugural brews, “Hero Lager“ and “Knight IPA,” score critical hits on a number of levels. The Gamer wordmark features drop points on the G and R, common in 80’s metal and indie culture.

The purple/magenta colour scheme of Hero is heavily inspired by the modern synthwave scene alongside ’80s culture. The Hero is silhouetted against purple spotlights, he’s a hero in the modern sense of gamer rockstars. The point of the M draws the eye down through the design into the minimalist lettering at the base of the can.

In contrast, the Knight is a classic armoured battle brand, charging through the dragonfire on his way to glory. Hues of orange cut through grey-blue against a dragon hidden in the black space for big, bold contrast in this design. Where the Hero is standing still, the Knight is in motion, in the midst of a fiery explosion of flavour common to the Western-Canadian IPA.

Overall, our designs draw on nostalgic gamer culture to bring buyers in, and finish with depth of detail alongside dynamic illustrative elements and a bold colour palette.

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Gamer Knight IPA PREP
Gamer Knight IPA PREP
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Design Agency Name: Hired Guns Creative
Organisation/Project Type: Agency, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: New Era Brewing's GAMER
Brand / Project Name: GAMER: Brand and Packaging Design
Production Credits : Ingenious Packaging  
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Research / Insight, Consumer Product Brand Architecture
Design Deliverables: Consumer Branding, Consumer Brand Guidelines, Consumer Graphic Packaging Design
Location: Canada
Market Region: North America
Project Category: Beer and Cider
Consumer Packaging Format: Can
Consumer Substrate / Material: Metal