Santicler Knitwear

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Peltan-Brosz - Santicler

Los Angeles based Santicler is pioneering a future-forward brand that will change how ready-to-wear clothes are produced, manufactured and sold. Dedicated to crafting luxury knitwear that outlasts trends and seasons while making a positive impact on the planet at every stage in the process. 

Santicler is a women-owned and operated brand that offers made-to-order, high-end knitwear that minimizes the negative effect on the environment through innovative manufacturing and fulfillment processes for a reduced carbon footprint.

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Design Agency Name: Peltan-Brosz
Organisation/Project Type: Agency, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: Santicler Knitwear
Brand / Project Name: Santicler
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Research / Insight, Consumer Brand Strategy, Consumer Brand Naming, Consumer Tone of Voice, Consumer Brand World, Consumer Product Brand Architecture
Design Deliverables: Consumer Branding, Consumer Brand Creation, Consumer Brand Identity, Consumer Brand Identity System, Consumer Brand Guidelines, Consumer Brand Experience, Consumer Graphic Packaging Design, Consumer Structural Packaging Design, Consumer Retail Brand Design, Consumer Brand Digital Design
Location: Hungary
Market Country: United States America
Market Region: Multiple Regions
Project Category: Fashion
Consumer Packaging Format: Box, Pouch, Sachet
Consumer Substrate / Material: Plastic, Pulp Carton