Identity and Packaging for Wineology

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Masalska Design - Wineology

Wineology is a wine producer in Sonoma Valley, CA. The main target demographic is young professionals who enjoy food and alcoholic beverages. The Wineology brand aims to create an innovative modern view on wine. It’s pattern modules allow a number of versatile combinations for packaging and print as well as digital assets.

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Design Agency Name: Masalska Design
Organisation/Project Type: Agency, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: Identity and Packaging for Wineology
Brand / Project Name: Wineology
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Product Brand Architecture
Design Deliverables: Consumer Brand Identity, Consumer Graphic Packaging Design
Location: United States America
Market Country: United States America
Market Region: North America
Project Category: Wine
Consumer Packaging Format: Bottle
Consumer Substrate / Material: Glass