Rogue by Garnier BBDO

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 Garnier BBDO - Rogue

Previously known as Punto Retail, Rogue by Garnier BBDO is the reinvention of an agency that used to offer retail marketing services. Rogue, who used to be the shopper division at Garnier BBDO, evolved and started innovating using not only graphic and industrial designed, but focusing on creating new experiences to consumers in unusual ways, by being rogues.

That's where logo comes from. The are is a single arrow that points into different directions. Are we going to the past to see what useful from that era? Are we going to the future to bring innovative ideas into our time? That's Rogue. Ditching the conventional, cliché road to create different experiences. The letter E serves as a graphs since one of the primary focuses of the agency is increasing sales and positioning.

In the design there where some mandatories, such as incorporating parent companies logos into the brand.

Unfortunately, even if the design was approved, Garnier BBDO was working on a rebranding at the same time which dictated that all departments and companies under its umbrella should work directly with their branding.

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Design Agency Name: Garnier BBDO
Organisation/Project Type: Network, Non Published Concept Design
Article Title: Rogue by Garnier BBDO
Brand / Project Name: Rogue
Art director: Marv Castillo.
Accounts director: Normán Chacón.
Creative: Isabel Garnier.
Project Type: Corporate Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Corporate Research / Insight, Corporate Brand Strategy, Corporate Tone of Voice, Corporate Brand World
Design Deliverables: Corporate Branding, Corporate Brand Creation, Corporate Brand Identity, Corporate Brand Identity System, Corporate Brand Guidelines, Corporate Brand Experience, Corporate Graphic Design, Corporate Retail Brand Design
Service Brand Deliverables: Building Interior, Print Annual Report, Print Brochure, Print Manual, Print Publication, Print Stationery, Signage Exterior, Signage Interior
Location: Costa Rica
Market Country: Costa Rica
Market Region: Central America
Industry Category: Retail