Branding and Packaging Design for Mascletà Beer — Gelpi Design

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 Gelpi Design - Cerveza Mascletà

Mascletà is a craft beer brand made with natural and 100% ecological products. The naming of the brand “Mascletà” represents one of the most representative acts during the popular festivities in Valencia, Spain. A mascletà is composed of a series of firecrackers of different power that are fired continuously with the basic purpose of producing noise. The Mascletà is one of the most significant traditions and beloved by Valencians The love of tradition is the main value of the brand.

Mascletà required the redesign of its packaging as well as its logo. Before starting to design we made a brand strategy and market research in order to understand the consumers. In a growing market such as craft beers, being different was one of the most important things to take in mind. The goal was to make a design that would approach a gourmet audience, who are looking for new experiences and distinguish themselves. Mascletà is not a craft beer itself, but an author’s beer.

During the redesign of the packaging, we kept the illustration made by the Valencian artist José Luis Molina Ferrer in which a Mascletà is represented, in order to transmit the philosophy and the origin of the beer as well as to evoke emotion and nostalgia with the local consumers. On the front of the packaging, the illustration and the logo are the main elements, the aim was to surprise consumers. On the sides of the packaging, we highlight the philosophy of the brand as well as the eco-production labels. The copper details stand out the gourmet character of the brand and highlight the values.

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Design Agency Name: Gelpi Design
Organisation/Project Type: Agency, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: Branding and Packaging Design for Mascletà Beer — Gelpi Design
Brand / Project Name: Cerveza Mascletà
External Design Credits: Photo: Carlos Sevilla
Production Credits : Global Label
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation, Consumer Brand Redesign
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Brand Strategy, Consumer Tone of Voice
Design Deliverables: Consumer Branding, Consumer Rebranding, Consumer Brand Identity, Consumer Brand Guidelines, Consumer Brand Experience, Consumer Graphic Packaging Design
Location: Spain
Market Country: Spain
Market Region: Europe
Project Category: Beer and Cider
Consumer Packaging Format: Bottle
Consumer Substrate / Material: Glass