Sustainability Meets Luxury in This Craft Chocolate Packaging

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Kingdom & Sparrow - Chocolarder

Bean-to-bar chocolate makers Chocolarder are one of only a handful in the UK. For their recent rebrand, agency Kingdom & Sparrow had the challenge of coming up with a new packaging design that reflected their ethos for sustainability with zero plastic byproducts, maintained the quality and freshness of the chocolate and elevated the luxury feel of the product. They needed to position the brand as a leader in the fast-growing craft chocolate category.

Whilst more and more sustainable packaging solutions are becoming available all the time, Kingdom & Sparrow needed to create something that represented Chocolarder’s premium price point and would perform well with their luxury stockists, like Selfridges and Harrods. The options on the market at the time were limited - so a bespoke design was the way forward. 

‘We designed a simple to assemble packaging structure that consists of a custom embossed and foiled outer cardboard sleeve, a compostable inner pouch, and an interchangeable flavour-specific card insert’ says Johnny Paton, Creative Director at Kingdom & Sparrow. 

‘The insert allows detail and depth in story, tasting notes, and traceability for every flavour, as well as a cost effective and environmentally-friendly solution for Chocolarder’s extensive range of products.’

But it wasn’t just the packaging structure that Kingdom & Sparrow evolved for the rebrand. The agency, who specialise in hand-drawn illustration and traditional techniques from their studio in Falmouth, developed the logomark to include a custom logotype, building in shapes and details that echo both cacao pods and the smooth texture of chocolate. Their intricate pen and ink illustrations celebrate the origins of the ingredients and reflect the precise craft of Chocolarder’s chocolate-making process. 

Chocolarder’s Founder Mike Longman says “What Kingdom & Sparrow delivered is beautiful, functional, and unique, reflecting the quality of the chocolate inside and visually capturing the ethos of the makers behind it.” 

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Design Agency Name: Kingdom & Sparrow
Organisation/Project Type: Agency, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: Sustainability Meets Luxury in This Craft Chocolate Packaging
Brand / Project Name: Chocolarder
Project Type: Consumer Brand Redesign
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Location: United Kingdom
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Consumer Packaging Format: Sleeve, Pouch
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