Heats Like A Sip From The Volcano

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Braue // Brand Design Experts - Voodoo Priest Volcano

Voodoo Priest Volcano is a drinkable extension of the story of the first Voodoo Priest rum. It’s the most recent »Story-Spirit« that Gabriel Copper and Tyler Brave have discovered on their dimensional travels.

Brand Story:
Nasty voodoo priest »Papa La« was banished to the fictional volcanic island of »Shango Kay« for his outrage at overthrowing the gods of Voodoo – by the way, this is the island where the pilot was found in the story of the Voodoo Priest rum. Thinking of terrible vengeance, the priest included powerful spells and the power of the volcano in these bottles to imprison the gods inside and enjoy their eternal torments ... if accomplished, he would transform the world into a vicious place and rule it as the »Gran Voodoo«.

The bottle is closed with a real cork. In order to clarify the particular danger of its content, the bottle is additionally sealed with a thickly applied and melted black wax cap.

Typical for Voodoo artifacts, the neck is also tightly bound with aged twine, which resembles a rope used for gallows, underscoring the morbid charm of the bottle.

Well-known elements such as pearls, feathers and the chicken's claw can also be found here - but everything is kept in ominous black. In addition, a small stained cloth bag is hung on the neck of the bottle on which a Veve - a magic sign of Voodoo - is stamped. In this bag are real animal bones for dicing and a folded piece of paper. It shows which curse follows which dice result.

The priest's chalked white handprint is screen printed directly on the bottle. In it you can see scratched the suffix »Volcano«.

The entire bottle is covered with a kind of slightly milky lacquer to create an aging effect and enhance the haptic experience. The lower part of the bottle is covered with a black crusty slag to give the impression that it was actually once in the lava of the fictional volcano »Mount Shango«.

Of course, for each of these exquisite artefacts from hell, every single element is applied by hand in order to get an absolutely unique Copper & Brave drinking pleasure.

The Voodoo Priest Volcano special gift edition is shipped in a charred wooden box, whose lid is fixed with aged knit. Again, the hand of the priest is shown - stamped this time with white paint. An exclusive drinking glass is supplied, which is also decorated with a black chicken claw.

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Design Agency Name: Braue // Brand Design Experts
Organisation/Project Type: In-house, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: Heats Like A Sip From The Volcano
Brand / Project Name: Voodoo Priest Volcano
Production Credits : Der Brandman
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Brand Strategy
Design Deliverables: Consumer Brand Creation
Location: Germany
Market Country: Germany
Market Region: Europe
Project Category: Spirits
Consumer Packaging Format: Bottle, Box
Consumer Substrate / Material: Glass, Fabric, Metal, Wood