Rescued Chocolate

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TTK Confectionery - Rescued Chocolate

 TTK Confectionery design team created a product based on the concept of sustainability, recycling and food waste.

"We have rescued the unused chocolate from main stream companies in the chocolate industry and transformed it into something even more delicious. Little chocolate crumbles in a variety of flavours all made from recycled, chocolate." Rescued Chocolate is available in 4 flavours. Mint, Chocolate, Orange and Toffee.

Packed in a 100% recyclable tube this product had to stand out, yet showcase simplicity. Therefore craft material was used to create outer tube and recyclable material to create inner tube. 

Dominating material is kraft card to underline the rustic and authentic feel. Graphic design include TTK logo. Brand name "Rescued chocolate" says what it is. 
We wanted to be completely transparent therefore product is visible to customer and subtitle " ugly but delicious" says it's not pretty confectionery, but it's still delicious! This pushes on zero waste idea. 
Packaging can be up-cycled and used again in your house.

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Design Agency Name:
 TTK Confectionery
Organisation/Project Type: In-house, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: Rescued Chocolate
Brand / Project Name: Rescued Chocolate
External Design Credits: Idealplast, Visican.
Production Credits : Idealplast, Visican.
Project Type: Consumer Brand Creation
Strategic Deliverables: Consumer Research / Insight
Design Deliverables: Consumer Brand Creation, Consumer Graphic Packaging Design, Consumer Structural Packaging Design, Consumer Retail Brand Design, Consumer Brand Digital Design, Consumer Brand Advertising
Location: United Kingdom
Market Country: United Kingdom
Market Region: Multiple Regions
Project Category: Confectionery
Consumer Packaging Format: Tube
Consumer Substrate / Material: Plastic, Pulp Carton