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Good Sunday Packaging and Brand Identity

Good Sunday, is built on one simple principal, simplicity and it was ZOCA's task in creating a meaningful brand identity and packaging system that would capture Good Sunday's minimalist and beautiful culture.

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Art Deco Inspired Packaging for Chocolain by Mischen

Chocolain is a Berlin based chocolate manufacture with a great range of creative flavors such as hibiscus, matcha or mountain pepper.

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Thirst Craft Open the Doors to Thornbridge Hall to Reinstate a Beacon of British Brewing

With the pace of change and the proliferation of competitors, craft brewery years can often feel like dog years, and at 13 years old Thornbridge Brewery was facing a midlife crisis.

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Geometry Creates Global Packaging for the Campaign “It's Time to Eat Together” for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has introduced a new global packaging design, which reflects the essence of its recently launched campaign, “It’s time to eat together”.

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New craft Cider Adnams Wild Wave

Independent brand design studio CookChick has developed the positioning, naming, identity, packaging
design for a new craft cider Adnams Wild Wave.

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Branding and Can Designs for New Line of Mead Spritzers for NewDay Craft Mead and Cider

New line of products for this client. Mead Spritzers. The goal was to be bright fun & friendly. Welcoming. Inclusive. Unifying. With the idea of creating characters to represent flavor profiles.

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