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Skateboarding Graphics

Zenit skateboards is a Mexican brand focused on the creation of accessories, boards and clothes for skaters. We made a graphic collection focusing on different topics, such as caring for nature, preserving species and diversity in the animal kingdom.

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Green Lily CBD Relief Oil for Active Wellness

Green Lily Relief Oil for Active Wellness, CBD hemp-infused Rollerball for Active Wellness. Life happens—just roll with it. Naturally soothing to relieve whatever’s going on today.

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Somma Packed With Scoby. Free From Plastic.

Somma is a project created in order to present exemplary usage of SCOBY packaging, weaved through a biological process that turns bio-waste into bio-material. The material creates water and microbial barrier for shampoo and it’s 100% free from plastic and microplastic.

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Branding and Packaging Design for Pandoo

Pandoo was born to bring a qualitative hygienic paper to Middle-East and the North
African markets. Its promise is to bring a soft gentle touch in every use thanks to it
premium raw materials and its innovative Triplex technology. 

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Packaging Design for Coffee Shop

For O café, I wanted that little coffeeshop to standout with a bold combination of yellow and black , with strong graphic organic shapes ( leaves, plants and abstract forms ) that compliment each other and create a modern look and feel.

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Redesigned to Proudly Proclaim: Ožujsko is a Legend!

If you ever had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful country of Croatia, Ožujsko beer could not be overlooked.

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Packaging Design for a Premium Tea Brand

The brief was to redesign the packaging for a premium tea brand targeting the niche society. Something which would have a good brand recall, keeping it minimalistic.

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Solero Ice-Cream Rebrand

As part of my initiative to make Unilever more sustainable, one area I delved into was rebranding Solero ice-cream as using bio-degradable wrappers, recycled cardboard boxes for the 3 packs as well as not using palm oil anymore in their products. 

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Brand and Packaging Design for Sienna & Friends by Cinnamon

Many brand stories begin with a consumer dilemma. As many parents will tell you, getting their little loved ones to experience new tastes and textures can be quite a challenge.

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