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Brand Creation for Exclusive Wine from Spain

Only 2,568 bottles of this exclusive wine from Petit Verdot grapes are elaborated by Bodega Doña Felisa; ..”

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Traditional Values in a Sleek Form of Oak Vodka

"Oak Vodka packaging design is a conceptual export variant of existing brand of polish vodka - Wódka Dębowa.”

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Student Concept for Crazy, Scary, Cute and Funny Monster Chocolate Design

"During my studies at Shenkar Visual Communications College, I was asked to design a new brand of chocolate. I chose to use my monster for those branding, and I used craft paper as material."

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Packaging Design for Red Wine

"El diseño de la etiqueta y el estuche premium para Alont, pretendía reflejar la línea elegante, seria y con más sobriedad de toda la línea de vinos elaborados y embotellados en la propiedad por Bodegas Pío del Ramo."

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Luke Dodridge - Smeg x Ocado Colour Coded Refrigeration Packaging (Student)

" his is a strategical intervention for Smeg, the home appliance manufacturers that solves incorrect refrigeration of food and drink at home."

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ILLUMINATION - Kininvie, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Brand creation, packaging, guidelines

Background: Hidden in the heart of Dufftown is the distillery of Kininvie. The distillery has been producing malt whisky since 1892 but has never carried the proud Kininvie name. William Grant & Sons felt that the time was right to share this reclusive treasure.


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