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Packaging Rebranding for an Historic Company Selling Salt

Iblea Sale was founded in the 30s in Ragusa, along the eastern coasts of Sicily, thanks to the initiative of Giovanni Borrometi, a highly esteemed blacksmith who lost his sight after giving his work to his city.

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Redesigned to Proudly Proclaim: Ožujsko is a Legend!

If you ever had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful country of Croatia, Ožujsko beer could not be overlooked.

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Packaging Design for a Premium Tea Brand

The brief was to redesign the packaging for a premium tea brand targeting the niche society. Something which would have a good brand recall, keeping it minimalistic.

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Cornish Orchards Partners With Thirst Craft to Give Their Softs Range a Fresh, Fun and Fruity New Look

Cornish Orchards are mostly known for their cider, rather than their range of delicious soft drinks. With an existing softs design which looked too close for comfort to their cider cousins, the Cornish Orchards softs range needed a redesign, so they turned to Thirst for a fresh new look. 

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Proprietary Brand Development Project and Phi Cosmetic Labels

Copyright Project: - PHI is a brand for those who seek wellness and beauty through products for body and facial use. PHI products are cosmetic, formulated with natural raw materials, combined with advanced technology for localized treatment and intensive skin care.

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New Era Brewing's GAMER

For New Era Brewing, a Calgary-based brewery, we needed an identity that would appeal to gamer culture, the core of their GAMER brand.

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