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B&B Studio Elevates the Toast Ale Mission With Bold and Purposeful Rebrand

Food production is the biggest contributor to climate change, but one third of all food is wasted. Toast Ale wants to change this. In keeping with B&B studio’s own mission to build the brands that matter, the agency has partnered with Toast to redefine the brand’s message and visual identity system.  

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Driftwood Brewery's Shokunin Koji Ale

By their hand, this craft shokunin - many moments distilled into one

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Concept, Naming and Packaging Design for a New Russian Beer Brand

"ASGARD Branding has developed the brand concept, brand name, label design and packaging for a new beer brand launched by the Alcon company.”

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IPA Beer Packaging Design for New Years Gift for Clients of Agency

"Mermaid Masquerade is a the New Year's gift for the clients of the branding agency, limited edition craft beer with the bitterness of unfulfilled fantasies and intoxicating aroma of adventure."

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Packaging Design for Valencian, Spanish Artisan Craft Beer

"Pol Nostrum Ale. Branding, Lettering & Packaging for a craft beer.
Logo design, label set, cap and box for Valencia Brew awarded by iTQi."

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Hired Guns Creative - Mill Street Summer Brewpub Pack

" The task for Mill Street Brewery’s new Summer Brewpub Pack was to create a mix-pack celebrating the 150th anniversary of Canada – a rare opportunity and challenge, given the number of breweries all working on the same concept, and all at the same time."

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