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Brand Identity for an Old Storage Basement Converted into a Coffee Roaster

Depo Coffee Roasting, is a popular coffee roaster in Turkey and their shop was built out of an old storage basement in Istanbul near the end of 2017 by the co-owners of Kafein Up. 

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COCO Drinking Chocolate Tubes Packaging Design

Edinburgh based craft chocolatier launches new collection for 3 drinking chocolate tubes featuring stunning colourful artworks by William LaChance.

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PACKLAB - Bullet Meal

"Nobody has met a cow called CHILL MOOOO, people don’t say THAI C’KEN like that, hungry vegetarians who are in a bad mood because they are hungry don’t like being called EDGY VEGGY and just because you put berries in your beef jerky bar doesn't mean you can called in BUCK JERKY."

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