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 Waking Up in Strange Places by Juliana Tan

Waking Up in Strange Places is a travel compendium about Singapore-based photographer, Juliana Tan’s adventure through 9 countries and 33 cities. It is a compilation of her travel journey throughout 14 months abroad captured in 3 books (one on Rooms, one on Landscapes), 8 postcards bounded in a book and 1 paper aeroplane. 

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Page Hotels & Page Common Unveil a New Page

 Page Hotels is a new design hotel brand, providing high-quality stays with a service spirit that is real, approachable and knowledgeable.

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Branding and Packaging for Bookstore and Cafe from Turkey

This project, consisting of forms and lines was inspired by the geometric and complex elements of Memphis Art Movement which was the starting point for us in the interior concept.

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