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Fluère Spirito Non Alcolico | Floral Blend of Botanicals

To create a desirable pack for a brand new non alcoholic distilled spirit with a true spirit character. Outstanding and sexy to underline the super premium postion of the brand.

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Big Pippin Hard Cider Branding and Package Design

Big Pippin is a bold, refreshing hard cider made for the exceptional adventurer.

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Rice Creative - Eastern Botanicals

"Eastern Botanicals is a new brand of Herbal Supplements."

The founder, Dr. Michelle Dao is a fourth generation Eastern herbal doctor, born in Vietnam and raised in the United States. 
The ultimate goal of Eastern Botanicals is to bring happiness and well-being to it's clients. Happiness, and vibrancy are brand pillars. With this in mind, it became important to make the fresh, lively herbs the focus of the visual identity. 

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