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Packaging Design for Birdman Protein

Birdman Protein — It is a raw and organic protein, 100% of vegetable origin and totally free of transgenic, soy, chemical, dairy and gluten.

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Eau De Vie De Bière Packaging Design

Bierschnaps & Eau de Vie de Bière are the unique products and doesn’t belong to any other main spirit category.

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Jekl Steak on the Go Branding and Packaging Design

In an environment of dusty landscapes, rustic type and cowboy themed packaging, Jekl met with Design Happy with a view to shake up the category, not just with its superior tasting product but to stand apart from the crowd of normality.

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Packagin Design for DOMANI È VACANZA, a Brand of Ready-Mixed Cocktails

DOMANI È VACANZA brings a little holiday vibe into the hustle of everyday life.

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Brand Identity and Packaging Design for Smart Tart

How can the toaster pastry become a delicious, nutrition-packed everyday staple? The answer The Smart Co. heard? IMPOSSIBLE! 
But they didn’t believe that rubbish for a minute, and with the help of Motto, dug deep and fought for a smarter tart.

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Pulsin Launches Supershakes with Designs by The Space Creative

Independent agency The Space Creative reveals new packaging designs for Pulsin’s range of Supershakes. 

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