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Branding and Packaging Design for Pandoo

Pandoo was born to bring a qualitative hygienic paper to Middle-East and the North
African markets. Its promise is to bring a soft gentle touch in every use thanks to it
premium raw materials and its innovative Triplex technology. 

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Revalue Branding

Revalue came to us as a values-driven investment advisory firm. They challenge the conventional, industrial model of investing by making their clients money while making the world a slightly better place. And we designed them the perfect brand to do it. At least they think so, anyway.

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Packaging Design for Wallis Tequila

Consumers are increasingly wary of trite cliches regarding masculinity and femininity in the context of their beverage selections. The aim with designing the bottle for Wallis Tequila was to develop a look that reflects the flavor within: bold yet refined, strong yet delicate; it's not ostentatious but it demands your attention.

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Bee One Third — Neighbourhood Honey

Bee One Third is an urban and coastal beekeeping enterprise that was founded on the educational premise that one third of our global food supply depends on bee pollination.

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Quinta do Crasto Vinha da Ponte signed by Omdesign

In the year of the commemorations marking the 400th anniversary of Quinta do Crasto, an emblematic estate from Douro with wines recognized worldwide, Omdesign was responsible for the rebranding of Quinta do Crasto Vinha da Ponte wine, considered as one of the crown jewels of the brand’s portfolio.

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Boudin SF | Plastic Free Food Packaging

In ArtCenter College of Design's first 100% plastic free packaging course, students were challenged to rebrand a fast or fast casual food brand, and redesign their packaging system to be fully sustainable, using no plastic or bioplastic.

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Naming and Packaging Design for Fork It from Perú

We were asked to create a brand that was different from every bakery brand today. We saw that a lot of these bakery brands were gourmet and cliché, so we did the opposite. We said f*ck it! And that's where the name came from: FORK IT!

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