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Heats Like A Sip From The Volcano

Voodoo Priest Volcano is a drinkable extension of the story of the first Voodoo Priest rum. It’s the most recent »Story-Spirit« that Gabriel Copper and Tyler Brave have discovered on their dimensional travels.

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The Tasty Side of a Unique Curse

Braue designed the unique and macabre-inspired packaging for Voodoo Priest, a special mysterious rum that comes with a great backstory.

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Branding and Can Designs for New Line of Mead Spritzers for NewDay Craft Mead and Cider

New line of products for this client. Mead Spritzers. The goal was to be bright fun & friendly. Welcoming. Inclusive. Unifying. With the idea of creating characters to represent flavor profiles.

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Noor Best Hibiscus Drinks

 Enjoy the great sour taste of the African drink hibiscus. Low-calorie and caffeine-free, so it can be consumed at any time.

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Big Pippin Hard Cider Branding and Package Design

Big Pippin is a bold, refreshing hard cider made for the exceptional adventurer.

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 Japanese Craft Spirit Distilled from Rice, Barley and Ginger

" LURA Design Studio has designed the visual appearance of 「RIHEI GINGER」,
which is new brand of SHOCHU made by OCHIAI DISTILLERY that has100 years of history.”

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