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Thirst Craft Usher in the New Era of Tequila With Storywood

Ordinary tequilas are aged in one way, bourbon barrels, and drunk in one way, fast. But luckily Thirst Craft’s latest brand, Storywood, is no ordinary tequila. Born of two personalities, two cultures and two national drinks, it’s the creation of a Scotsman and a Master Tequila Distiller who age their tequila in ex Scotch barrels. 

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First Whisky to be Distilled in St Andrews in Over 160 Years

" Tangent is proud to have designed and help launch Eden Mill’s first Single Malt whisky expressions – the first distilled in St Andrews in over 160 years.”

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Confident Visual Identity for Brewery Brand in the UK

"A Day Out developed the visual identity for Gallus Brewery, who do craft brewing differently. Bold, brash, Gallus!"

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