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Packaging Rebranding for an Historic Company Selling Salt

Iblea Sale was founded in the 30s in Ragusa, along the eastern coasts of Sicily, thanks to the initiative of Giovanni Borrometi, a highly esteemed blacksmith who lost his sight after giving his work to his city.

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Packaging Design for Wallis Tequila

Consumers are increasingly wary of trite cliches regarding masculinity and femininity in the context of their beverage selections. The aim with designing the bottle for Wallis Tequila was to develop a look that reflects the flavor within: bold yet refined, strong yet delicate; it's not ostentatious but it demands your attention.

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Packaging Design for Birdman Protein

Birdman Protein — It is a raw and organic protein, 100% of vegetable origin and totally free of transgenic, soy, chemical, dairy and gluten.

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Branding and Packaging Design for Destillerie Onsen Craft Spirits

Packaging Design for the Product Line of Destillerie Onsen Craft Spirits. 

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To You It's Just A Box, To A Kid It's An Entire Universe

In their first two years on Earth children grow through seven sizes.

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Sirim Olive Oil Private Label Packaging Design And Rebranding From Turkey

The design aims to reveal the naturalness and high quality of the product.

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