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Packaging Rebranding for an Historic Company Selling Salt

Iblea Sale was founded in the 30s in Ragusa, along the eastern coasts of Sicily, thanks to the initiative of Giovanni Borrometi, a highly esteemed blacksmith who lost his sight after giving his work to his city.

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Sake Bottle Design for the Western Market

Torimodosu – When life knocks you down, dust yourself off and get back up again. A concept project to introduce Sake into the mainstream Western drinking culture.

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Driftwood Brewery's Shokunin Koji Ale

By their hand, this craft shokunin - many moments distilled into one

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Identity and Communication for a Japanese Kindergarten

Manmaru is a public kindergarten located in Osaka, Japan. Manmaru means “a perfect circle” in Japanese and connotes gentleness and harmoniousness.

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Modern and Minimal Sake Design for Chiyonokame

We have redesigned the seasonal sake "Hime Nigori" and "Hime Hanabi" from sake brewery Chiyonokame in Uchiko, Ehime. Established in 1716, Chiyonokame is a brewery with over 300 years of history.

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 Japanese Craft Spirit Distilled from Rice, Barley and Ginger

" LURA Design Studio has designed the visual appearance of 「RIHEI GINGER」,
which is new brand of SHOCHU made by OCHIAI DISTILLERY that has100 years of history.”

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Minimalist-Modern Packaging Design for Premium Japanese Collagen Brand

"Koragem is a brand of Premium Japanese Collagen launched in a high-end market of competitors, the brand needed an identity and product packaging that represented a strong, premium aesthetic."

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Modern Identity System Incorporating Illustration and Photography for Whole Seafood Market

" Our branding proposal for Whole Seafood Market is an elegant yet modern identity that matches the high quality product our client delivers directly to your home."

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