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Breethe Nasal Spray Brand and Packaging Development

Breethe is not your average nasal spray but an innovative, non-medicated product designed to help you breathe better.

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Sim-Pill | Intuitive Medicine Packaging

Do you have a medicine box at home filled with medicines and you can’t figure out which medicine does what? 

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Your Daily Dose of Essential High Quality Supplements

" In a world that is passionate about lifestyle and health, it can be overwhelming to pick the right nutrients. Where do you even start?”

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Rebranding and Packaging Design for Indian Cough Lozenges

"An irritated throat, makes mind irritated too.Menthosil Cough Lozenges are leading product in herbal lozenges segment for cough problems and it helps your body's natural defense against infections to relieve coughs and soothe the throat.”

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Sanitary Hygiene Products and Packaging Design from India

"Menstruation is not just about women, it is about everyone around us. It is just another hygiene product and not something we should hide from."

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Rice Creative - Eastern Botanicals

"Eastern Botanicals is a new brand of Herbal Supplements."

The founder, Dr. Michelle Dao is a fourth generation Eastern herbal doctor, born in Vietnam and raised in the United States. 
The ultimate goal of Eastern Botanicals is to bring happiness and well-being to it's clients. Happiness, and vibrancy are brand pillars. With this in mind, it became important to make the fresh, lively herbs the focus of the visual identity. 

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