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Packaging Rebranding for an Historic Company Selling Salt

Iblea Sale was founded in the 30s in Ragusa, along the eastern coasts of Sicily, thanks to the initiative of Giovanni Borrometi, a highly esteemed blacksmith who lost his sight after giving his work to his city.

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Brand Identity and Packaging Design for a New Cosmetics Brand

Story of 27 Rosiers starts with the will to propose clean formulas. 
Sensorial, gender-neutral and real efficiency are key assets of the brand for a core beauty inside out. 

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Sambucus - Ecological and Conscious Herbal Teas

Label design for Sambucus ecological and conscious herbal teas.

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Visual Identity, Labels and Packaging Design for Lupinc, a Wine Estate from Italy

The visual identity of the Lupinc Wine Estates (Praprot, North-East of Italy) is based on a radical approach to graphic design. It aims to communicate quality and elegance by using simple and basic forms.

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Special Moves with the WWE Slam Attax Live Trading Game

 WowMe were briefed by collectibles company Topps, to create designs for their all-new WWE Slam Attax card collection that features everyone’s favourite wrestling superstars.”

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Dairy and Gluten Free Spread Packaging Redesign

 WowMe Design is pure genius.”

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New Brand Creation for Artisan Costa Rican Chocolate Bites

" Due to the need to expand the range of products and the worldwide appeal in the chocolate market , Go Artisan launches “original crispy almonds” with three different types of chocolate.”

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