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Packaging Design for Rézangyal

Rézangyal is a well-known Hungarian pálinka (traditional fruit brandy in Hungary) brand. We rethinked the brand's identity, created a new slogan and communication materials, redesigned the old labels and designed a new packages for the Rézangyal's brand new product portfolio also.

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Earthy , Organic , Natural Body Care Products

"Essential Body Care" is an Egyptian brand of organic African shea buffer and essential oils and natural health care products that targets Young women and skincare freak people in the Egyptian skincare market.

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Tropical Passion Tea Packaging Design

 “Tropical passion” is a package concept for tea with tropical illustrations with a simplistic and modern design. Fantastic colors, vivid and striking forms of plants and birds are the main source of inspiration for this package design.

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Branding for a Mexican Ice Cream Bakery

Amoret is an ice cream bakery where all desserts are made with the heart.
Owned by two Mexican women inspired by a typical pastry called“concha, they’ve created the new versión of an ice cream sandwich filling conchas with ice cream.

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