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Branding and Packaging Design for Destillerie Onsen Craft Spirits

Packaging Design for the Product Line of Destillerie Onsen Craft Spirits. 

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Packaging Design for Limited Edition Summer Flavours

For the tropical summer flavors OPEN was asked to design new labels with a distinct visual language that would capture the Israeli summer spirit of vacation, going out, camping.

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Creating a Sense of Exclusivity, Sophistication and Desirability

Hugh Hamilton required a label for their Black Sheep Club— an exclusive member only wine.

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Packaging Design for Egg Company in Athens Greece

The chicken or the egg dilemma is commonly stated as “which came first: the chicken or the egg?” - well, in these packages…

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Branding and Packaging for Bookstore and Cafe from Turkey

This project, consisting of forms and lines was inspired by the geometric and complex elements of Memphis Art Movement which was the starting point for us in the interior concept.

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Rebrand and Rejuvenation for California Premium Craft Whiskey Brand

Rooted in the heart of Sonoma County, Sonoma Distilling Co. needed a rebrand which would speak for itself in the market as California's Premium Craft Whiskey brand.”

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Brand Positioning, Identity and Packaging Design for a Disruptive New Rum Brand

“CUT RUM is a range of quality, authentic liquids using only natural ingredients; with a

portfolio that includes amazingly delicious rums: a sensational Spiced, a far too smooth

Overproof and a knockout Smoked.”

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Brand and Packaging Design for Organic Fresh or Frozen Berries, Brazil

“Sabores Vermelhos grows blackberries and organic strawberries and sell them on a large scale, either fresh or frozen.”

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The Original Small Beer

Small Beer are the world’s first brewery specialising only in low ABV beer. Their mission is to help people enjoy the big moments whilst staying as crisp and fresh as their beer.”

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Renewed Visual Identity with Origin of Monastery Estate Crest and Traditions of the Estate

"Quinta D'Amares breathes history and tradition, in a perfect symbiosis between the Monastery of Rendufe and a seventeenth-century Aqueduct, perpetuating memories of other times in the midst of vineyards.”

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Perfect Couple Packaging Design Celebrating Copenhagen Pride

" We are celebrating love! Copenhagen Pride 18 th august.”

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Fun and Playful Brand Identity Design for The Party Land in Saudi Arabia

" The Party Land Branding, Art Direction”

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Brand Creation for German Organic Vodka Inspired by the Sea

“In the process of drafting of the product’s image, designer Aleksei Poteichuk have found the bold
and creative way in the implementation of the brutal nautical symbols, that were understandable
and familiar to the task force.”

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