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Terruños Seleccionados · Selected Soils

Packaging design for Bodega Septima´s new wine line: Septima Tierra. These labels are inspired by the different soils and the composition from where each wine comes from. On the back label there´s a more technical information combined with an illustration of the soil and its components.

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Packaging Design for Naturel Fasthair Products

Naturel cosmetics is a Colombian brand specialized in the care and nutrition of hair, all its components are 100% natural with extracts and specialized oils in the scalp and hair fiber that repair, care, prevent hair loss and accelerate hair growth.

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New Parties for New Moments with Argentinian Wines

Bacchanal: (From the Latin Bacchanalia)
1. Celebrations in ancient Rome in honor of Bacchus, god of wine.
2. Unbridled parties where people ate, drank and had sex without moderation.”

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Brand and Packaging Design for honey from Greek Island of Crete

"Orino honey, is a “100% Greek Honey “product which presents two different flavors: thyme and flower's honey.”

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The Whiskey Makers Series, The Art of Whiskey Making

"Jameson Whiskey – The Whiskey Makers Series
The Art of Whiskey Making “

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Minimal and Conceptual Packaging Design for a Rice Brand

"Our recent packaging project for a basmati rice was developed according to the USP of the product."

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