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Serbian Olive Oil Packaging Design

Packaging design for Epicure Olive oil was created with the idea to be slightly different from other Olive Oil brands.”

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Label and Packaging Design for Cannabis Cultivation Company from Arizona

“Grow Sciences approached me with the task to come up with a unique, minimal and
retro looking packaging inspired by the hip-hop culture.”

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Serbian Craft Whiskey Limited Edition Packaging Design

" The first Serbian "gipsy" craft beer and whiskey brewery founded on punk principles.”

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Interior Product Packaging Design with Natural Tactile Qualities

"This packaging has to reflect hand made products made of raw materials and textures. Concrete, stone, marble, rust...”

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Campaign for Delivering Staropramen's Historical Stories to the World

"This year, Cocoon has created a set of limited-edition cans, off-pack materials and videos that bring Staropramen's historical stories to life around the world.”

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Nutcracker as a Agency Promotional Handmade Personalised Gift

"Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away there was an agency that wanted to try the interesting thing."

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